AFCU Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the AFCU Login:



In order to make sure to access the correct AFCU Login page, follow these steps:

1. Click on the link that has been provided here in order to gain access to the AFCU Login page:

2. Enter the account number for the AFCU account you need to access.

3. Click the login button in order to proceed.

4. Answer any security questions and enter your password in order to enter into your account.






If there are any issues regarding the AFCU Login process, read this section for advice.

NOTE: in their effort to increase security in the process of the AFCU Login, they have removed all of the methods normally used for recovering account or password information. In order to recover or retrieve your information for your AFCU Login process, you will need to make sure to view the contacts section of this article in order to reach someone. When contacting the customer support, be sure to mention that you need to recover or reset your account number and/or password so that you may access your account online. This has seemed to be the biggest issue of users online. Many users have not been sure why they aren't being able to find the contacts that they need or whether any contact information existed at all for these types of issues. Not to worry, as mentioned before, we have provided the information in the next section of this article.




In order to access the correct department regarding the AFCU Login page, contact information is as follows:

Customer Support

Phone: 1-800-999-3961




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